Pharmacy Abbreviations List

Pharmacy Abbreviations List: Decoding the Language of Medications. Effective communication is essential in the pharmacy sector for efficient tasking, recordkeeping, as well as patient safety. To facilitate efficient communication among healthcare professionals, ease your tasks like documentation, and convey information quickly and accurately, you must be familiar with pharmacy abbreviations and pharmacy acronyms or pharmaceutical short forms. Also, read the Drug Information website list.

Pharmacy abbreviations act as shorthand language, allowing for the speedy and accurate conveyance of medication-related information in your workplace. However, understanding these acronyms can be difficult, particularly for patients and anyone outside of the healthcare sector. In this article, we present an extensive list of pharmacy abbreviations to assist you interpret the language for medications if you work in a pharmacy-related field such as a pharmacist, or pharmacy technician, or work in the pharmaceutical industry or academia. The following are the most well-known pharmacy abbreviations:

Abbreviations Related to Pharmaceutical Documentation

  1. SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
  2. STP: Standard Testing Procedure
  3. ACS: Analytical Control Sheet
  4. PDR: Product Development Report
  5. COA: Certificate of Analysis
  6. MOA: Method of Analysis
  7. PDP: Product Development Procedure
  8. DMF: Drug Master File
  9. OOS: Out of specification
  10. OOT: Out of Trend
  11. PDS: Product Data Sheet
  12. CAPA: Corrective Action & Preventive Action
  13. RCA: Root Cause Analysis
  14. GxP: Good Practice (x= for a particular field)
  15. GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice
  16. cGMP: Current Good Manufacturing Practice
  17. GDP: Good Distribution Practice
  18. GDP: Good Documentation Practice
  19. GLP: Good Laboratory Practice
  20. GCP: Good Clinical Practice
  21. GGP’s: Good Guidance practices
  22. CTD: Common Technical Document

Acronym & Pharmacy Abbreviations Related to API & Excipients

  1. API: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient
  2. RLD: Reference Listed Drug
  3. INN: International Nonproprietary Names
  4. CAS: Chemical Abstracts Service
  5. MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet
  6. DAR: Drug Accountability Record
  7. DAR: Drug Administration Registration
  8. BCS: Biopharmaceutics Classification System
  9. NCE: New Chemical Entity
  10. MDE: Maximum Daily Exposure
  11. GRN: Goods Receive Notes
  12. NSAID: Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug
  13. ACE inhibitor: Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor
  14. SSRI: Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor
  15. ADI: Acceptable Daily Intake

Abbreviations Related to Pharmaceutical Analysis

  1. IPC: In-process Control
  2. IPQC: In-process Quality Control
  3. CRS: Chemical Reference Substance
  4. RS: Reference Standard
  5. WS: Working Standard
  6. PAI: Pharmaceutical Analytical Impurities
  7. QMS: Quality Management System
  8. TQM: Total Quality Management
  9. DTL: Drug Testing Laboratory
  10. QTPP: Quality Target Product Profile
  11. CQA: Critical Quality Attributes
  12. CMA: Critical Material Attributes
  13. CPP: Critical Process Parameters
  14. DT: Disintegration Time

Pharmaceutical Production

  1. BMR: Batch Manufacturing Record
  2. BPR: Batch Packaging Record
  3. MWO: Manufacturing Work Order
  4. MI: Manufacturing Instruction
  5. PI: Packaging Instruction
  6. LOD: Loss On Drying
  7. MC: Moisture Control
  8. FBD: Fluidized Bed Dryer
  9. FBP: Fluidized Bed Processor
  10. FBG: Fluidized Bed Granular
  11. RMG: Rapid Mixer Granulator
  12. HSG: High Shear Granulator

List of Pharmacy Abbreviations Related to Dosage Form

  1. FDC: Fixed Dose Combination Products
  2. DPI: Dry Powder Inhaler
  3. MDI: Metered Dose Inhaler
  4. PFS: Powder For Suspension
  5. PFS: Prefilled Syringe
  6. TDF: Transdermal Dosage Forms
  7. LVP: Large Volume Parenteral
  8. SVP: Small Volume Parenteral
  9. SRDF: Sustained Release Dosage Form
  10. DR Tablet: Delayed Release Tablet
  11. MR Tablet: Modified Release Tablet
  12. DS: Double Strength
  13. WFI: Water For Injection

Pharmacy Abbreviations List Related to Route of Administration

  1. PO: (Per Os) by the mouth
  2. IA: Intraarterial
  3. IP: Intraperitoneal
  4. IV: Intravenous         
  5. IVP: Intravenous push
  6. SL: Sublingual
  7. SubQ or SC: Subcutaneous
  8. IM: Intramuscular
  9. ID: Intradermal
  10. TD: Transdermal
  11. INH: Inhaled
  12. NG: Nasogastric
  13. IT: Intrathecal
  14. AU: Auricular (Otic)
  15. EPI: Epidural
  16. IU: Intrauterine
  17. OU: Ophthalmic
  18. PV: Vaginal
  19. PR:  Rectum
  20. TOP: Topical

Short Form Related to Packaging

  1. FEFO: First Expire, First Out
  2. FIFO: First In First Out
  3. LIFO: Last In First Out
  4. POM: Prescription Only Medicines
  5. POM: Pharmacist Only Medicines
  6. Rx: ‘Recipere’ meaning “to take”

Pharmaceutical Engineering

  1. ETP: Effluent Treatment Plant
  2. HEPA: High-Efficiency Particulate Air (Filter)
  3. ULPA: Ultra-Low Particulate Air (Filter)
  4. SULPA: Super Ultra Low Penetration Air (Filter)
  5. HVAC: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
  6. ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning
  7. SAP: System, Applications, Products in Data Processing.

Abbreviations related to Pharmaceutical Guidelines/Act

  1. ICH: The International Council for Harmonisation
  2. CFR: Code of Federal Regulations
  3. IIG: Inactive Ingredient Guide
  4. IID: Inactive Ingredient Database
  5. QbD: Quality by Design
  6. PIC: Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention
  7. PIC/S: Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme
  8. FD&C: Food, Drug, and Cosmetic

Acronym of Pharmaceutical Application for Market Approval

  1. IND: Investigational New Drug
  2. NDA: New Drug Application
  3. ANDA: Abbreviated New Drug Application
  4. OTC: Over-the-Counter Drugs
  5. BLA: Biologic License Application

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Bodies/ Marketing Authorization

  1. DGDA: Directorate General of Drug Administration
  2. USFDA: United States Food and Drug Administration
  3. TGA: Therapeutic Goods Administration
  4. MHRA: Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
  5. EMA: European Medicines Agency
  6. SAHPRA: South African Health Products Regulatory Authority.

Pharmacy Abbreviations Related to Pharmacopoeia & NF Related

  1. USP: United States Pharmacopeia
  2. BP: British Pharmacopoeia
  3. Ph. Eur.: European Pharmacopoeia
  4. Ph. Int.: International Pharmacopoeia
  5. JP: Japanese Pharmacopoeia
  6. ChP.: Chinese Pharmacopoeia
  7. IP: Indian Pharmacopoeia
  8. USP-NF: United States Pharmacopoeia-National Formulary
  9. BNF: British National Formulary

Abbreviations list of Pharmaceutical Department

  1. IRA: International Regulatory Affairs
  2. PCT: Procurement
  3. QA: Quality Assurance
  4. QC: Quality Control
  5. R&D: Research & Development
  6. SBM: Strategic Brand Management
  7. IBM: International Business and Marketing
  8. OSD: Oral solid dosage
  9. PMD: Product Management Department
  10. PD: Product Development
  11. SMD: Strategic Marketing Department

Pharmaceutical Organization

  1. PCB: Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh
  2. FIP: International Pharmaceutical Federation
  3. APhA: American Pharmacists Association
  4. RPS: Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Abbreviations of Pharmaceutical Marketing

  1. APR: Annual Product Review
  2. MRP: Maximum Retail Price

Pharmaceutical Others

  1. eMC: Electronic Medicines Compendium
  2. TRIPS: Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
Pharmacy Abbreviations List

List of Pharmacy Abbreviations

In conclusion, whether you’re a healthcare professional, a pharmacy student, a pharmacy technician student, or simply a curious individual looking to broaden your knowledge of pharmacy-related terms, this presentation of the pharmacy abbreviations list will be a great reference tool. So, let’s look into the pharmacy abbreviations list and crack the code behind these shortened expressions, allowing you to traverse the world of pharmaceuticals with confidence and clarity. Patients, caregivers, and anyone involved in healthcare can improve their understanding and play a more active part in medication preparation and adherence by being familiar with the pharmacy abbreviations list.

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Written by- Md. Shihab Uddin Sohag, RPh.; M. Pharm; B. Pharm.

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