Examples of suspension (Pharmacy, Chemistry, Food)

Examples of suspension you should know for a better understanding of suspension. In pharmaceuticals, suspensions may be in powder for suspension for reconstitution later such as tetracycline oral suspension or may be in ready-to-use such as trisulfapyrimidines oral suspension. Suspension dosage forms may be formulated for specific routes of administration such as oral suspensions, inhalation suspensions, topical suspensions, ophthalmic suspensions, otic suspensions, and injection suspensions. Note that suspensions are generally not injected intravenously. In this article, we have discussed common examples of suspensions in the pharmaceutical field, suspensions in the chemistry field, and food-related suspensions. You may also read the formulation of paracetamol suspension.

Definition of Suspension

Pharmaceutical suspensions are heterogeneous, biphasic dispersions of finely divided insoluble solid particles in a liquid dispersion medium. Liquid dispersion medium may be water or organic solvent or oily liquid.

According to BP, A suspension is a dispersed system comprising solid particles of a nominal diameter greater than approximately 1 µm, dispersed in a liquid or semi-solid continuous phase. If the solid particles are of a nominal diameter lower than approximately 1 µm, the system is a colloidal suspension [1].

According to USP, A suspension is a biphasic preparation consisting of solid particles dispersed throughout a liquid phase [2]. To know the formulation of suspensions click the link.

List of suspensions (Pharmacy)

Examples of Suspension Chemistry

  1. Paints (Dyes in Turpentine oil)
  2. Blood (blood cells suspended in plasma)
  3. Mixture of Color pigment or lake and water
  4. Aerosol (fine solid particles or liquid droplets suspended in gas)
  5. Mixture of Clay and Water
  6. Tablet Coating suspension (Tablet coating materials suspended in suitable solvent)
  7. Sticks antiperspirant suspension (antiperspirant solids powder suspended in silicone oil)
  8. Roll-On antiperspirant suspension (antiperspirant powder suspended in Cyclomethicone)
  9. Mixture of Chalk (calcium carbonate) and water
  10. Milk of Magnesia (Magnesium hydroxide suspended in water)
  11. Mixture of sand particles and water
  12. Mixture of Colloidal silicon dioxide and water
  13. Mixture of Silica and dimethicone 1000
  14. Calamine lotion
  15. White Lotion USP (Zinc Sulfate 40 g & sulfurated Potash 40 g in 1L Purified Water)

Suspension Examples Food

  1. Kimchi suspended in vinegar
  2. Chocolate milk (cocoa suspended in milk)
  3. Orange juice with pulp (without pulp it is a solution)
  4. Starch pastes
  5. Vegetable pastes
  6. Pulpy fruit juice
  7. Sauces
  8. Vegetable soups
  9. Fruit blends in syrups
  10. Yogurts in water
  11. Miso Soup
  12. Kefir
  13. Kombucha
  14. A mixture of flour and water

Pharmaceutical Suspension Examples

Examples of suspension (Oral)

  1. Carbamazepine oral suspension
  2. Phenytoin oral suspension
  3. Atovaquone oral suspension
  4. Amoxicillin oral suspension
  5. Acyclovir oral suspension
  6. Indomethacin oral suspension
  7. Sulfamethoxazole oral suspension
  8. Sucralfate oral suspension
  9. Thiabendazole oral suspension
  10. Diazoxide oral suspension
  11. Triflupromazine oral suspension
  12. Sulfadimethoxine oral suspension
  13. Nitrofurantoin oral suspension
  14. Albendazole oral suspension
  15. Mebendazole oral suspension
  16. Acetaminophen oral suspension
  17. Naproxen oral suspension
  18. Felbamate oral suspension
  19. Chlorothiazide oral suspension
  20. Griseofulvin oral suspension
  21. Simethicone oral suspension
  22. Meloxicam oral suspension
  23. Oxfendazole oral suspension
  24. Nevirapine oral suspension
  25. Nystatin oral suspension
  26. Oxcarbazepine oral suspension

Instance of Ophthalmic Suspension

  1. Fluorometholone ophthalmic suspension
  2. Natamycin ophthalmic suspension
  3. Brinzolamide ophthalmic suspension
  4. Rimexolone ophthalmic suspension
  5. Dexamethasone ophthalmic suspension

Rectal Suspension Examples

  1. Bisacodyl rectal suspension
  2. Hydrocortisone rectal suspension

Topical Suspensions​​ Examples

  1. Calamine topical suspension

Instance of suspension (Injectable)

  1. Prednisone injectable suspension
  2. Progesterone injectable suspension
  3. Estrone injectable suspension

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