Formulation of Paracetamol Suspension

Formulation of paracetamol suspension seems very easy to formulate. But a pharmacist makes it less complicated after encountering numerous practical problems associated with the formulation of paracetamol suspension in R&D and production units. Unlike powder for suspension, paracetamol suspensions are marketed as ready suspension forms for direct administration not require reconstitution. Formulation of paracetamol suspension is essential due to the water insolubility nature of Paracetamol and to make a stable, riskless drug dosage form to get an antipyretic and analgesic effect. If you want to know about the method & procedure for formulation of suspension as well as excipients for suspension click the link.

Formulation of a common pharmaceutical suspension

All paracetamol suspensions contain paracetamol BP or Acetaminophen USP with some common excipients such as suspending agents, viscosity modifiers, wetting agents, co-solvents, solvents,  preservatives, flavoring agents, coloring agents, sweetening agents, and humectants etc. Excipients may vary from formula to formula. A formula of paracetamol suspension of Rosemont Pharmaceuticals Limited contains paracetamol with xanthan gum (as suspending agents), methyl hydroxybenzoate & propyl hydroxybenzoate (as preservative), sorbitol solution 70% (as humectant), mango flavor (as flavoring agents), sucrose (as sweetening agents), propylene glycol (as co-solvent), and purified water (as solvent) [1]. For paracetamol suspension (sugar-free) you have to avoid using sugar and you may use or increase the amount of artificial sweetening agents. Generally, as flavoring agents in the formulation of paracetamol suspension, cherry, banana, mango, strawberry, and raspberry are used.

Formula of Paracetamol Suspension 

This formula of paracetamol suspension is made for 120 mg per 5 ml but you may increase the amount of paracetamol API and make the formulation for higher strength of paracetamol. The following formula is stable and has a good shelf-life.

Name of raw materialsFunctionsQuantity/ 100 ml
Paracetamol BP (Acetaminophen USP)API2.40 gm

(for 120 mg/5 ml)

Microcrystalline Cellulose & Carboxy Methylcellulose Sodium (Avicel RC 591)Suspending Agent0.20 gm
Carboxymethyl Cellulose SodiumSuspending Agent0.04 gm
Xanthan GumSuspending Agent0.20 gm
Sucrose (Sugar)Sweetening Agent60.00 gm
Glycerol BP (Glycerin USP)Humectant10.00 gm
Non-Crystallizing Liquid SorbitolHumectant10.00 gm
Sodium BenzoatePreservative0.10 gm
Methyl Hydroxybenzoate BP (Methyl Paraben USP)Preservative0.15 gm
Propyl Hydroxybenzoate BP (Propyl Paraben USP)Preservative0.02 gm
Butyl Hydroxybenzoate  BP (Butyl Paraben USP)Preservative0.02 gm
Saccharin SodiumSweetener0.10 gm
Sodium Lauryl SulphateSurfactant0.04 gm
Mango flavor LiquidFlavoring Agent0.25 gm
Allura Red ACColorant0.001 gm
Simethicone Emulsion USP SME 300 (30% Aqueous)Anti-foaming Agent0.040 gm
Purified WaterSolventQS to 100 ml

 Label claim of this paracetamol suspension: Each 5ml paracetamol suspension contains Paracetamol 120 mg.

Warning: This Formula of Paracetamol Suspension is only for oral use.

If you need more formulation of paracetamol suspension visit this patent from the link: WO2003082243A1

Preparation of Paracetamol Suspension (Procedure)

Note that: this procedure is made for laboratory and commercial production of paracetamol suspension or Acetaminophen suspension.

1. Before the formulation of paracetamol suspension, check and ensure all of the necessary API, and excipients are available as well as all apparatus and other accessories are clean and dry.

2. Dispense all the raw materials as per the formula of paracetamol suspension (given above).

3. Place the following materials into a stainless steel vessel and mix for 30 – 50 minutes to dissolve. After mixing, rise the temperature of the sugar syrup to 55°C and maintain this temperature.

  • Purified Water
  • Sucrose (sugar) (a portion)
  • Sodium Benzoate

4. Take the following material into an S.S. container and bring the temperature up to 85°C.

  • Glycerol (Glycerin) (1/3 of the total amount of glycerin)

5. Dissolve the following materials into step-4 and after that add the mixture to step- 3 and again mix for 10 minutes.

  • Methyl Paraben
  • Propyl Paraben
  • Butyl Paraben

6. Add the following material into the same SS  vessel of step 3 and mix for 5 minutes.

  • Liquid Sorbitol

7. Cool down the temperature between 30°C – 40°C then add the following one after another into the SS vessel of step 3 and mix with stirrer for 60 mins.

  • Xanthan Gum
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose & Carboxy Methylcellulose Sodium (Avicel RC 591)
  • Carboxy Methyl Cellulose Sodium

8. Homogenize the above step-7 with a homogenizer for 60 minutes.

9. Place the following material into the S.S. vessel and mix for 30 minutes and transfer into SS Vessel of step 3. Remember that, finally Paracetamol dispersion must be rinsed with purified water.

  • Glycerin
  • Paracetamol

10. Dissolve the following material into a small SS vessel and transfer it to the same SS Vessel of step-3 by mixing for 15 minutes.

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
  • Saccharin Sodium
  • Purified Water

11. Take the following materials into an S.S. vessel and dissolve and then transfer to the same SS vessel of step-3 by passing through a # 60 mesh screen and mixing with a stirrer for 10 minutes.

  • Mango flavor Liquid
  • Allura Red AC
  • Purified Water (Temperature 40°C-50°C)

12. Mix the following material into a small SS vessel and transfer it to the same SS Vessel of step-3.

  • Simethicone Emulsion (30% Aqueous)
  • Purified Water

13. Settle down the preparation for 20 minutes and Add sufficient Purified Water to adjust the volume to the final volume of the batch. Mix the bulk suspension with the propeller for 60 minutes.

14. Check the following parameters of the sample of bulk paracetamol suspension.

In-process Parameters for this Formulated paracetamol suspension

General IdentificationA light red-colored, mango-flavored suspension, free from any visible particles.
Weight per ml1.20 – 1.25 g/ml
pH4.50 – 6.90
Viscosity800 cps – 1600 cps
Assay95.0 to 105.0% of the stated amount
Microbial testAs per aqueous preparations for oral use; USP <1111>

15. After checking the above parameters within the specification this formulation of paracetamol suspension are ready to pack within bottles.


Storage condition: As per BP, paracetamol oral suspension should be protected from light [2].

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Usually, the appearance of paracetamol suspension is generally white to off-white color without coloring agents. Paracetamol suspension is indicated for fever and for the treatment of mild to moderate pain including headache, neuralgia, inflammatory pain, migraine, colic pain, osteoarthritic pain, post-operative pain, toothache, period pains, post-vaccination pain, sore throat, other aches, pains of colds and flu.

So, write a comment if you have any queries about the formulation of paracetamol suspension. I think the formulation of paracetamol suspension is an easy task for you now. You may find all the necessary information to evaluate this paracetamol suspension in various pharmacopeia such as BP, USP, Ph. Eur, JP, IP, ChP etc.


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