Tuesday , January 26 2021
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Dose, Dosage, Dosage Form, Dosage Regimen


Dose, Dosage, Dosage Form, and Dosage Regimen are often confusing terms. Let’s explain these terms (Dose, Dosage, Dosage Form, and Dosage Regimen). Dose The word ‘Dose’ is derived from Middle …

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List of Pharmacopoeia

Pharmacopoeia means ″drug-making″ or ″to make a drug″. This word derives from the ancient Greek (pharmakopoiia), from (pharmako) ″drug″, followed by the verb-stem (poi) ″make″ and finally the abstract noun …

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Drug information website list

website for Drug information

Drug information website to get trustworthy, detailed, up-to-date information about drug and medicine, package inserts and drug-related information. All of these drug information websites provide drugs and medicines information which …

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