Friday , October 7 2022


Tablet Coating Defects and Remedies


Tablet coating defects and remedies are the crucial concern of a pharmaceutical formulation scientist. The last critical step in the tablet production cycle is tablet coating after solving problems in …

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Excipients for Tablets with examples

Pharmaceuticals Excipients

Excipients are an integral part of any pharmaceutical product necessary for manufacturing as well as performance. So, a formulator should have proper knowledge about excipients for tablets to make them …

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Tablet defects


Tablet defects or manufacturing defects of tablet are not acceptable. But often tablet defects embarrass tablet manufacturers or formulators to design a new tablet. This article outlines various remedies that …

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Formulation of Paracetamol Suspension

Formulation of paracetamol suspension seems very easy to formulate. But a pharmacist make it less complicated after encountering numerous practical problems associated with formulation of paracetamol suspension in R&D and …

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Formulation of suspensions

Formulation of suspensions pharmaceuticals

Formulation of suspensions may seem to be simple. After encountering numerous technical problems during pharmaceutical suspension development, the formulator (pharmacist) makes it simple. Some pharmaceutical suspensions are marketed as either …

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Colouring agents in pharmaceuticals

Coloring agents used in pharmaceuticals

Colouring agents (British spelling) or Coloring agents (American spelling) also known as Color Additives, Colorant. From the regulatory standpoint, the term “colorant” refers to a dye or pigment used in …

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