Friday , October 7 2022


Formulation of suspensions

Formulation of suspensions pharmaceuticals

Formulation of suspensions may seem to be simple. After encountering numerous technical problems during pharmaceutical suspension development, the formulator (pharmacist) makes it simple. Some pharmaceutical suspensions are marketed as either …

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Colouring agents in pharmaceuticals

Coloring agents used in pharmaceuticals

Colouring agents (British spelling) or Coloring agents (American spelling) also known as Color Additives, Colorant. From the regulatory standpoint, the term “colorant” refers to a dye or pigment used in …

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Emulsifying Agents in Pharmaceuticals

Emulsifying Agents

Emulsifying agents (also called emulsifiers or emulgents) are substances comprising both oil-soluble hydrophobic (nonpolar) and water-soluble hydrophilic (polar) portions that act as a stabilizer of the droplets (globules) of the …

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