Friday , October 7 2022

Pharma Difference

Difference between Signs and Symptoms

Sign vs Symptom

Difference between Signs and Symptoms is a common question in medical science study. But non-medical people use these two word “Sign” and “Symptom” interchangeably. We are using many words interchangeably …

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Difference between Hospital and Clinic

Hospital vs Clinic Both hospital and clinic provide healthcare for the patients. But hospital and clinic are not identical. Some differences between hospital and clinic which are discussed below: 1. …

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Difference between Cream and Ointment


Cream and Ointment are semisolid dosage forms intended for topical application only. The main difference between Cream and Ointment is regarding base or percentage of base used. Cream and Ointment …

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Generic drugs vs brand name drugs


Generic vs brand name drugs? Generic and brand name drugs both are safe, effective, and bioequivalent. In the United States of America, 9 out of 10 prescriptions filled are for …

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Difference between Lubricant and Glidant


Lubricant and Glidant are two important excipients in solid dosage manufacturing especially tablets. Typically, these two materials have the overlapping function, thus, sometimes make confusion. The differentiation between these terms …

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